Learning How to Learn 2019

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June 5, 2019
- 6 contact hours/0.6 CEUs -
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Students often struggle with moving from shallow memorization to deep understanding of content that can be translated and applied across contexts, settings, and time. Many of today's students lack the knowledge and skills necessary for synthesizing and applying knowledge, recognizing the big picture, and leveraging critical thinking for decision making. This workshop will introduce principles of brain science and explain how faculty can help students "learn how to learn" through evidence-based learning strategies that leverage how the brain works for deeper learning and improved performance. Attendees will discuss and apply these principles of neuroscience to course design, learning resources, and approaches to successful student study habits.

•   Discuss barriers to deep and translational learning
•   Explore principles in the neuroscience of learning
•   Apply the science of successful learning to course design, study approaches, and learning resources.

AM: Metacognition and Neuroscience of Learning
•   Current challenges with deep and translational learning (learner frames and behaviors as barriers to resilient learning)
•   Learning as vulnerability (psychological safety and fostering learning-oriented behaviors for interpersonal risk taking)
•   Harnessing principles of neuroscience to build metacognition into classroom teaching and study techniques (theories of spaced repetition, interleaving, forgetting to learn, testing effect, incubation in problem solving, storage vs. retrieval, etc.)

PM: Application of The Science of Learning
•   Approaches for incorporating principles of neuroscience into the classroom (active learning strategies)
•   Course design that leverages neuroscience principles (hands on practice and application)
•   Strategies for helping students use neuroscience principles for more productive studying and improved performance (recognizing the illusion of competency, scaffolding vs. silos, rule learning vs. example learning, retrieval practice, etc.)

This workshop is part of an NLN series of faculty development intensives designed to prepare new faculty entering the academic nurse educator environment or enhance existing faculty knowledge and skills working within this contemporary education movement with enhanced testing and evaluation.

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Debra Mayberry

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Michelle Moulton                 Rachel Onello

MS, RN, PCCN-K, CHSE             PhD, RN, CHSE, CNE, CNL
6/5/2019 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
2600 Virginia Avenue NW 8th Floor Washington 20037
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